Exclusive Camper Mercedes 1222

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Super comfortable camper type Paris-Dakar built on unfailing undercarriage and drive of Mercedes 1222. Built in April 2019 by a hobbyist’s company which has been creating cars for years. Checked in May 2019 on the route from Tychy (Poland) to Dakar (Senegal) – maximal speed 125 km/h. Big comfortable and modern living area with separate bedroom, bathroom and living room. Equipped (besides all standard standard camper equipment) with 6kWh agregate, 3 sunroofs, dividing sunshade, standard sunshade, extra roof-tent, sun tarrace, 400W solar pannels, washing machine which uses very little amount of water, Thurma gas heating, door between living space and drivers cabine, 5 room drivers cabine with extra air conditioning and refregerator for beverages, 200kg propan-butan gas bottle, 20 tone winch on the front and 14 tone winch on the back, back trunk with two spare wheels and space for two motorbikes (controlled by remote control), central locking, hidden safe, 1000l diesel tank, 630l clean water tank, 300l used water tank, satellite antenna, two TV sets. Bodywork built from 1,5mm aluminium with extra thermic isolation.