Mercedes Benz Westfalia James Cook 309D 3.0liter 65Kw 1983 Camper “Very good shape

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“Very good shape camper”
Kilometerstand: 325500 Fahrzeugtyp: Wohnmobil
Hersteller: Westfalia Anzahl Schlafplätze: 5
Modell: James Cook

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Good looking old friend :)
The transportation of camper are for FREE in Europe Union. I will drive it by myself.
More picture -
Very good shape old school camper. Was total restored in 2007. Now in several places has several rust spots but it is very easy to fix it. Al  4 years which I have it the camper was supervised and now are ready to use it. Through these years I change front shock absorbers, engine cooling radiator, the battery for engine and gel battery for living pace, all new exhaust system, new front headlights. New portable toilet. Front  seats was refurbished with Alcantara.  And a lot of small things which I can not to remember now :). The Refrigerator and gas equipment working good. There are an original sun/rain tent which you can fix outside camper
The things which are not working:
1. I swich off the water in shower room  - so now it is only in the kitchen.
2. There are the hot water boiler but I never used it and do not know is working or no.
3. Webasto  - sometimes it works but sometimes do not start. I used camper only in summer time so   there are no need for me the saloon heating. But anyway if it is necessary for you - need to inspect the system.
4. Sometimes when the engine are hot the starter do not want to turn on. I bought the new one but till now did not install. So the new starter are included in to the price.
If you need more pictures or more information please ask me I will try to answer in short time.
The transportation of the bus till the place will need 2-3 weeks. It depends of the place in Europe - where is the final stop will be.